What is League of Friends (LOF)?

League of Friends (LOF) is a social meetup program designed to increase the willingness, the interest, the desire to be social with others out in the community! LOF helps individuals of all ages and skill level go out and have fun! And wow it is FACE to FACE, LIVE, IN PERSON!

LOF offers opportunities to socialize at varying locations that are typical outings, hangouts, and activities frequented by same age peers. Some events may be in our buildings in order to bring to life social activities that are part of life’s milestones of fun!

Each League of Friends social event utilizes a peer group approach where individuals are inclusively grouped together so all degrees of social adeptness are increased. Practice your social navigation skills without parents around but with the support of your peers and trained staff!


by going to our Scheduled programming (In Person & Community Based social activities)-Sign Up Here! – United Through Hope

Each event is stand alone.  Pick and choose the ones that meet your interests and needs.  On the general enrollment form they are typically indicated by a *** and is often referred to as our “community events”

Each member will be expected to purchase a LOF tshirt and wear it at each event.