United Through H.O.P.E., Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization started in 2012, that takes its mission of being social way outside the typical box. At UTH we know that being social and successfully navigating life’s transitions is about more than just talking to someone! It is about experiences, getting along, sticking with something, coping with what real life throws at you, and accepting support! It is also about realizing that being social and being able to navigate life’s pivotal transition moments and life stages is important even from a job or roommate perspective!

United Through HOPE is located in the North Texas area, with physical locations in both Denton and Frisco. Both physical locations are in renovated homes which highlight our emphasis on a naturalistic atmosphere where real life, naturalistic opportunities can unfold.

At UTH though we recognize that being social and successfully navigating life’s various transitions does not stop or start in the classroom, it happens everywhere with lots of different people! Therefore, we have programs that foster our nonprofit’s mission to assist children and adults to gain the social skills, soft skills, play skills, life skills, job readiness skills, financial skills, and leadership skills they need to become successful at home, school, and within their careers.

The Transitional Life Skills umbrella of programs fosters the adult skills needed to gain employment, stay employed, and live on your own independently! While the adjunct services of counseling, teletherapy, ABA, consultation, and neurofeedback provide even more necessary tools to use along your journey.

The staff at United Through H.O.P.E., Inc. strongly believes that no one raises theirself, rather it takes a community of interested, imaginative, caring, and hopeful individuals to reach one’s fullest potential and we have created a nonprofit to help reach a wider range.

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  • Our innovative social skills programs focus on developing leadership skills for everyone regardless of age and are non-exclusionary (hint no diagnosis needed to participate just a desire to grow socially)
  • Each of the proven programs created by United Through H.O.P.E., Inc. are based upon the theory that skills should be taught globally in a naturalistic environment where practice leads to progress and success.
  • All of our programs are designed to foster tolerance, acceptance, guidance, leadership, awareness, empathy, self-confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of belonging and empowerment all while building independence.
  • All of our programs are meant to be fun and age and/or developmentally appropriate. As learning is supposed to be engaging.
  • We recognize that everyone is at different degrees of social adeptness and have designed multiple programs to fit varying needs, ages, goals.
  • Many of our programs have off site components to build and practice a connection with the community and the skills to be successful within that setting.
  • We do limit in each of our programs the number of individuals with severe challenges that are admitted to allow more staff time with all members enrolled.
  • We know that no one lives in a bubble, so our nonprofit also provides adjunct services (individual, parent, behavior, family therapy, meetups, and more) to broaden the generalization of the developing skills.

Please step inside our community and explore the possibilities!