Allstars: Social Skills groups Focusing on Leadership Skills for Individuals in K through 5th

Allstars-generalizing the social skills!

Allstars is unlike “traditional” social skills classes. At Allstars we already start with the premise the member knows the basic skills and build upon that!

Allstars is heavy on the group collaboration part of life.  Heavy on communication with others, using your imagination, learning to go with the flow, incorporating ideas, conflict resolution, and self-regulation.

Allstars, as a social skills group, though is “untraditional” in many ways. How so?

  • We want generalization so we focus on how are you acting like a leader?
  • We bring attention to each members’ choices, level of involvement, expectations, and improvements.
  • We are focusing on the “soft skills” that are super important to being included such as applying social judgement, recognizing social nuances, and more!
  • At Allstars we do way more than sit around and talk instead we are active, involved, and utilize multiple settings to simulate real life social situations.
  • The group starts with a themed project they “build” together using their imagination, their words, and the toys available in the giant playrooms. After it is built by group involvement (no one doing all the work or taking over) they have time to play with it as a group to focus on high play skills (beyond parallel or lone play). Then of course it’s group clean up time!
  • Allstars is about learning to go with the flow and using your skills to step up, be involved, experience and try new things, and build stamina!

This group is best for those with verbal skills and considered to be high functioning.

THIS PROGRAM IS RUNNING RIGHT NOW! It is called Allstars Frisco or Allstars Denton on the sign up page

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